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Home of Shelby Yuki The Bat, Abby Rosanna The Bat, Rock (David) Zero The Hedgehog and Maria Heather The Hedgebat and their crazy freinds and wild advenchers! enjoy! <3~

Also Home of Shadelby (ShadowxShelby) <3

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I would love to be able to block ads since they're causing some problems for me so membership even if for a month would be nice ^^;

i'll also trade lamas for points

some adoptables available:

A Blue Echdina girl for 15 :points:…

Jen The Dog for 20 :points:… (dont like the name you can change it)

A Pink Bunnie girl for 20 :points:…

I have more but you're gonna have to check my gallery to see them ^^

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It’s no mystery that I love mystery stories! (see what I did there? XDDD)

And well I have a lot of Nancy Drew books that I have gotten from my mom at Books A Million or from my friend Catie who has a lot and I mean a lot of Nancy Drew books, after she reads them she gives them to me since she knows how much I love them. That and I actually like rereading books. I’m not one of those people that get a book read it once and then just ignore it for the rest of my life, I like rereading them epically if it’s a really good book. And I figured since its Friday and I am now on spring break (wow!) I decided that I would list every Nancy Drew book I own just in case theres an other Nancy Drew fans out there that might want to add more books to their collection or just might want something else to read. Seriously though a lot of these books you can find at Books A Million (for whatever reason at my books a million there in the kids section).

Also I just want to say before this no I havnt read any of The Hardy Boy books expect for the Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Super Mystery books (no not the old ones these are actually fairly new) I’ve wanted to read The Hardy Boys books for along time because they are freaking awesome. I swear I’m getting one of their books next time I go to the book store cause they have them there too!

ANYWAYS! XD on with the list! Also my favorite books will have a * next to them

- The Moonstone Castle Mystery (my first Nancy Drew book ever!)

-The Secret of The Old Clock (the first Nancy Drew story I believe)

-The Secret of Red Gate Farm*  

-The Clue of the Broken Locket

-The Mystery of the Ivory Charm* (omg this is differently my favorite of the original series! Second favorite Nancy Drew book of all time)

-The Quest of the Missing Map

-The Clue of the Velvet Mask* (I actually just got this book last week and just read it today and it was pretty suspenseful more so than the other Nancy Drew books I’ve read)

- The Haunted Bridge

-The Triple Hoax* (this one was awesome! Nancy and friends have three mysteries to solve at the same time! Of course the cases all relate to each other XD)

-The Invisible Intruder* (Nancy goes on a mystery trip with some ghost hunters and all of the places they go connect to a bigger mystery than any of them imaged! And Ned’s in a lot so that helps XD I love Ned I don’t care if he’s boring as some people say and I love his relationship with Nancy)

-Ghost Stories (I have to say this is the only Nancy Drew book that I don’t like. It has six different stories in one book but they’re really short :/ one of the stories actually turned into one of the Nancy Drew computer games)

-Mystery by Moonlight (I need to reread this book cause I don’t remember that much about it)

-A Model Crime* (defiantly my favorite Nancy Drew book of all time! The story was really cool and unique and unlike most of the other Nancy Drew books it isn’t obvious till the very end who the culprit is I was honestly surprised. Most of the time the books make it very obvious through most of the book who the culprit is. At least to me they do)

-The Black Widow

-Mystery at Moorsea Manor*

-The E-mail Mystery* (like I said before this is one of the books that makes the culprit really obvious least to me it was but I liked how they addressed in this book that you got to be careful online cause you don’t know who’s really behind the computer screen)

-Without a Trace

-Dangerous Plays

Okay now these last five books im about to list are the Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Super Mystery stories. These are the newer ones I’ve been looking for the older series but I cant find them.

-Terror on Tour* (this the book were The Hardy Boys first meet Nancy Drew and well it was an epic way for the three young detectives to meet!)

-Danger Oversears (I like this book but one of the characters really REALLY annoys me)

-Club Dread (okay so I lied, this is another book that I didn’t really like all that much. I mean it was okay and it had plenty suspense but I just didn’t find the story all that great)


-Bonefire Masquerade*

Well that’s all the Nancy Drew books I own XD but im always looking to add more to my collection so if you have any specific books you think I’d like please suggest them! Same with The Hardy Boy’s series!

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I was known before as Vampirelover12123434

but thanks to my amazing friends I was able to change my username to what I have now :)

but you can just call me Vamp :)

and I swear my art isnt as bad as my id picture! (its worse XD)

My ID is a picture of my favorite and main fan character Shelby Yuki The Bat in her original outfit (left) and her alternate outfit (right) :)

while I am obviously a Sonic fan (from since I first learned what Sonic was and probably till the day I die) I still enjoy other fandoms such as Naruto, Monster High, Warriors, and My Little Pony

while I do have some Adventure Time fan characters I have to admit im not a big fan of the show sorry

oh and if you dont like Sonic and/or people who make stories for their fan characters I have some poems you might enjoy so go check those out ^^

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icerose05 Mar 21, 2014  Student Writer
Your story is done!
eeeep I loved it! thank you so much ice! :hug:
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lol you're welcome :hug:
icerose05 Mar 8, 2014  Student Writer
Hey sorry but I'm not done with your story trade yet. I had a great idea and then I lost it :(
its fine im having issues with my computer anyways so I dont know when i'll be able to read even if you do post it
icerose05 Mar 4, 2014  Student Writer
Vamp you won't believe it I was just asked to be partnered on YouTube
omg seriously?! thats awesome! congrats Ice! :clap:
icerose05 Mar 4, 2014  Student Writer
I know right but I have no way of telling if it is a joke or not, you know those spam stuff or people telling you if you give them a a thousand dollars they'll make you royalty or whatever and then you never see that money again?
yeah I would be careful and reserch this some more cause I swore you had to have a certin amount of views a week to get partnered so be care
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xXCharleneBrendsxX Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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